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There are so many different types of massage… which one is right for me??

Well, here is a quickie explanation …

Bowen Therapy

Supports the body to recover from pain, illness & injury; also beneficial for digestion, lymphatic, reproductive & respiratory health. Bowen Therapy has been proven to be very beneficial for Austism. Suitable for newborn to the elderly. Angela, our Bowen Therapist, is in salon every Wednesday by appointment.

AromaTouch Body Rescue

Elevates your mood; enhances the immune system; reduces pain & inflammation; promotes stress release & relaxation, yet invigorating & stimulating; an exceptional ‘grounding & centring’ experience due to the use potent essential oils. Ideal for anyone needs some self loving including those who are stressed, overwhelmed, dealing with autoimmune disorders, cancer, the list goes on!! Bronwyn, our AromaTouch Body Rescue Practitioner, is available most days by appointment.

Remedial Massage

Is ideal for treating injuries or problems ie: poor circulation, posture, lower back problems or stiff, painful trouble spots like shoulder & neck … NOT a relaxation massage!! Ideal for athletes, tradies, computer workers, RSI, anyone with chronic aches & pains. Anthony, our Remedial Massage Therapist, is in salon every Monday & 2nd Saturday by appointment (PS: he has a couple of appointments available this Saturday!!)

Body Stress Release

Releases stored stresses held within the muscles through a specialised trigger point technique. BSR is ideal for musculo-skeletal, gastrointestinal, neurological, emotional, gynaecological, post natal & respiratory complaints. Suitable for newborn to the elderly. Bronwyn, our Body Stress Release Therapist, is available most days by appointment.


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