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Don't Torture Your Skin

Don't Torture Your Skin

Your skin health & beauty needn’t be confusing or frustrating … nor should it ever be compromised, undervalued or taken for granted.

Let our Skin Experts coach and inspire you to a new level of understanding your skin, how it works and how you can achieve ultimate skin health.

You may have given up on ever feeling confident and looking fantastic everyday (especially without makeup or Botox and fillers!), but we haven’t!

Learn to LOVE the skin you’re in – it’s easy when you know how, and we’d love to show you!

Is a Skin Condition Holding You Back? Not Anymore … 

Whether you suffer from Acne, Breakouts, Rosacea, Scarring, Broken Capillaries, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Premature Ageing, Uneven Skin Tone/Texture, Sensitized, Dry &/or Dehydrated Skin … We have the experience and knowledge to help you get #SkinFit, regain your confidence, vitality and zest for life!

Change the way you think, feel & treat your Skin & your Beauty!

There’s no miracle cures, no quick fixes, no over the top promises here … just jawdropping, mindblowing passion, honesty and caring, without the BS & Ego!

Skin Focus, a thriving local small business, has been operating since the last century … 1995, in fact!

Our Skin & Beauty Experts have over 20 years combined experience, not to mention a lifetime of passion in skin, beauty, wellness , nutrition, client happiness and empowerment.

We have created Skin Focus so that you can tap into our pool of knowledge … and dramatically enhance your quality of life, your health and your self confidence, through a holistic, commonsense approach to skin health. 

Because the reality of living with a skin condition can be emotionally, physically and psychologically debilitating, we understand the importance of delivering real, long term, healthful solutions.

Very few therapists in the skin and/or beauty industry across Australia have the knowledge, & the Skin ‘not-so-care’ companies don’t really care enough, to help our ever increasing population suffering from skin conditions to actually ‘fix’ their skin, once & for all. Chronic inflammatory skin conditions --Teen Acne, Adult Acne, Rosacea, Inflam-Ageing -- are at epidemic proportions & can be avoided, & remedied, when you incorporate a multi-faceted system of holistic wellbeing, nutrition, quality topical skincare & professional skin treatments.

Say buh-bye to inflammatory skin conditions (yes, that includes ageing!) … & hello to self confidence, freedom, radiance, vitality & joy!

‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’ - Ronald Reagan


We’d love to help everyone, BUT, some people aren’t ready to hear what we have to say; some skin conditions exceed our scope of expertise; some people want a quick fix without making a commitment to themselves; and some people have unrealistic expectations!

We’d LOVE to help you, so if you are truly ready to LOVE the skin you’re in, unsure what you want/need, have questions, we’d love to talk to you & see if we can help you, too … give us a call on 07 54957511 to schedule your ‘FREE #SKINFIT Phone Chat’ with one of our Skin Experts.


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