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Beautiful Skin Doesn’t Happen by Chance... It Happens by Appointment

Beautiful Skin Doesn’t Happen by Chance... It Happens by Appointment

IT’S NO SECRET!! WE LOVE SKIN & we want to help you love your skin too!

But …how serious are you about your skin??

You understand that achieving Healthy, Beautiful Skin takes time, patience, commitment & investment!  What you probably don’t realise is … to have beautiful skin, you must first have healthy skin. Our goal is to help you achieve ultimate skin health … however not everyone is as passionate about their skin as we are! That’s why your Skin Experts, at Skin Focus, have developed a comprehensive Level System for our skin treatments.

Levels 1-3 cater for your personal level of commitment, time & investment … right now, at this point in time! There is a Skin Therapy to suit all skin types, skin conditions, skin care sophistication & skin goals!

Level 1: Revive Skin Treatments

Level 1 Skin Treatments are for those just beginning their Skin Health Journey; those who just want to enjoy a relaxing, hydrating skin treatment; some self-luvin &/or aren’t really interested in using prescription paramedical skin care! These entry level skin treatments are suitable & can be adapted for most skin types & conditions, these treatments require no pre-requisite skin care or treatments, although for ultimate skin correction, longevity of results & optimal health prescribed home skin care is recommended. 

Learn more about Level 1: Revive Skin Treatments.

Level 2: Corrective Skin Treatments

Level 2 has been designed for those seeking Healthy Glowing, Beautiful Skin … Results driven treatments for our more advanced skin care users wanting to make real change to their skin. Formulated with the most potent, concentrated active ingredients … Peptides, Enzymes, AntiOxidants, Vitamins, medical grade delivery systems & technologically advanced ingredient encapsulation methods, these high performance peels/therapies are essential to age proofing your skin, while accelerating healing & rejuvenation.  To ensure & sustain ultimate skin correction, skin health &, therefore, optimal results, Level 2 Skin Treatments require a commitment to daily use of minimum 3 paramedical prescription skin care products + daily sunscreen, and a minimum of monthly professional treatments & realistic expectations!

Learn more about Level 2: Corrective Skin Treatments.

Level 3: Paramedical Dermal Therapies

Level 3 Skin Treatments are revolutionary results driven, intense Professional Dermal Therapies using the most up-to-date medical grade equipment … DermaPen & IPL. Look younger for longer, sooner! Level 3 Skin Treatments are for the truly committed, youth conscious, age reversing, & dedicated!! Pre-Requisites … must have completed a course of Level 2 Skin Treatments, daily commitment to use of at least 5 daily + sunscreen, minimum of monthly professional treatments & realistic expectations! 

Learn more about Level 3 – Paramedical Dermal Treatments.


SO … What Are Your Skin Goals?

What are you waiting for? Discover Your Healthiest, Most Beautiful You @ Skin Focus

Book Online or call us on (07) 5495 7511 to schedule your Healthiest Skin Ever’ Skin Assessment or Level 1: Revive Skin Treatment today & get started on your Skin

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