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What is Nutri-Dermal Therapy?

What is Nurti-Dermal Therapy?

You are what you eat! How many times have you heard that before?

Well, it’s true … & your skin is no exception. Everything that enters your body (food, drink, substance) is either building skin health or destroying it.

Your skin, after all, is a vital organ of your body & it requires the exact same nutrients as the rest of your body to be healthy.

Nutri-Dermal Therapy …

  • Aka Nutritional Dermatology
  • Aka Nutritional Beauty/Skincare
  • Aka Edible Beauty/Skincare
  • Aka Slow Beauty

… is the science of skin-nutrition and specifically the nutrients, foods and phytochemicals, or the lack of, that can cause and cure certain skin conditions.

This is a holistic, food-centric approach to the dermatological sciences.

Nutri-Dermal Therapy is an holistic approach to skincare, recognising that diet, environment, & mental and emotional wellbeing are vital factors that contribute to the health & appearance of your skin. These elements must be considered an essential part of any treatment, alongside topical skincare and professional treatments.

My Story

A life-long skin lover, with over a decade of experience as a Skin Therapist, my health began to decline rapidly @40years of age. No real symptoms that could be pidgeon-holed into any disease or illness, but unwell just the same.

After years of expensive & underwhelming appointments with numerous naturopaths & doctors/specialists, to no avail, I discovered the power of taking your health in to your own hands. I took responsibility for my own life, began studying Nutrition … & I discovered the exponential healing powers of Beauty Foods. I experienced momentous improvements in my health &, more interestingly (for me, anyways), my skin in a very short amount of time. My skin glowed, I looked years younger & I felt great.

My whole life I’d been lucky enough to be in a position to use incredible skin care, but it was my change of diet that had an incredible impact on the health & appearance of my skin. Now -- certified in Beauty Nutrition, Nutritional Epigenetics & Nutritional SkinCare – I specialise in the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin conditions through nutrition combined with topical skin care & professional treatments.

Also known as The SkinFit Coach, I am the owner here at Skin Focus, CEO of Skinergy Australia, founder & creator of Feed Your Face edible skin & beauty superfoods & my very own 100% natural topical skin care range, Skin Just Got Sexy, targeting inflammatory skin conditions.

I am thrilled to offer my expertise, knowledge & years of research & personal experience to help you change your life, & your skin, forever.

Michelle Bailey


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