‘Healthiest Skin Ever’ Assessment

Healthy Skin Consult & Assessment

THE most important appointment you’ll ever attend on your journey to Healthy, Radiant & Beautiful Skin

Are you Confused & Frustrated about which Skin Care is best for you? Are you sick of not getting the results that you have been promised by overpriced, underwhelming Skin Care? Are you ready & do you really want to LOVE THE SKIN YOUR IN??

Need Expert Advice? Let our Skin Experts help you …


‘Healthiest Skin Ever’ Assessment (incl Dermograph Transdermal Scanner + #SkinFit Facial)   $129

‘Healthiest Skin Ever’ Skin Health Assessment via Skype/Video Call   $99

Healthy Beautiful Skin is achievable & shouldn’t be a guessing game! It’s about understanding your skin; knowing the ingredients that will help you achieve real results; guidance & advice from a professional; and commitment & patience on your behalf.

There is no miracle cure in a pretty jar!

Your assessment begins with your detailed ‘SkInvestment Strategic Assessment’ form, which will include not only a thorough medical history checklist, but also extends to detailed questioning about your current skincare routine and products used. Your Skin Expert will discuss your needs, and analyse your skin condition and requirements using our specialised equipment and skin analysis and grading systems. Using our Dermograph Transdermal Scanner, we will determine your skin thickness, elasticity, firmness, redness factor,hydration, oil production, congestion and pore size, pigmentation issues and aging concerns, and recommend the appropriate treatments and products for the best results. You’ll receive a recommended Skin Care Prescription and Treatment Plan that suits your lifestyle to ‘re-Program’ your skin. This ensures every cent invested in your skin gives a beautiful return.

Due to the highly active and corrective nature of our Dermal Skin Treatments & Professional Peels, a Skin Health Assessment is mandatory before we can perform any skin treatment, or prescribe any cosmedical products. This consultation, allows us to perform an analysis of your skin type, medical history and your skin goals. With this information we can customise a program using specific Medi-facials, Professional Peels and Paramedical homecare to deliver the necessary ingredients into your skin to address your skin concerns & achieve your skin goals.

Please note that all information provided to Skin Focus, and to any other member of our team, is treated with the utmost privacy to ensure that your confidential information is respected at all times. Most clinical skin treatments can only be offered after a thorough consultation, and often requires home care prescriptive be used before and after to ensure best results.

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