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Never Waste Money on Skin Care Ever Again! See your SkinDNA™ Specialist at Skin Focus. Take the 2 minute DNA test today and discover your genetic predisposition to ageing gracefully, or not, as the case may be!

Gone are the days where the one-size fits all skins recommendations.  SkinDNA™ takes the guesswork out of skincare, instead using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities based on YOUR DNA .

Your environment, diet, medication and general lifestyle definitely plays a KEY role in how you’ll age but, 50% is also your genetics. Sure families can be similar but, each of us have our own genetic code and the only way to discover  for sure how that will determine your future skin is by getting a simple saliva test done.  There is no need to ever get a second DNA test done. This test is a once in a lifetime investment as the SNP’s found in your genes will never change.  Your DNA is the same though-out your entire life.

Why should I test my DNA?

We are surrounded with more advice than ever but what’s really right for you? In the past we could only answer this question in a very general way, everyone got the same recommendation on nutrition and skin health. Now, you can advance beyond one-size-fits-all suggestions. The skinDNA™ test can point you toward the prevention measures most suited to YOU. Even if you followed everyone’s advice to the letter, no-one is able to accurately predict how your skin will age just by looking at you. If you’re confused, overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what’s best for your skin’s health and future, if you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin, or if you just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the SkinDNA™ test is for YOU!

Am I too old to take the SkinDNA™ test?

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to focus on the future health of your skin. Knowing your skin’s genetic predispositions to key dermatological factors is an investment in your skin’s long term health. Taking this test you can then take action to detect skin conditions early, reduce their effects and even prevent them entirely.

How do you take the SkinDNA™ test?

It’s surprising easy, your DNA therapist will collect a saliva sample from the inside of your cheek with our easy-to-use DNA Collector. The sample is then analysed at the accredited lab. Results take around 2 weeks. You simply rebook an appointment and together with your therapist your results we be explained to you and your 8 page report will be printed out ready for you to take home. This way you have the hard copy report to keep so you always know the BEST ingredients and treatments suited exactly to your very own skin DNA.

SkinDNA™ is revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin ageing …

SkinDNA Category 1 Firmness image

SkinDNA Category 2 Glycation image

SkinDNA Category 3 Sundamage image

SkinDNA Category 4 Radical image

SkinDNA Category 5 Sensitivity image


Your SkinDNA Test & Report          _____________________          $299

(including an O Discovery Express Facial)