What exactly is Kinesiology? A unique form of complementary medicine, Kinesiology works with all aspects of your ‘self’ – mind, body, emotion, energy & spirit – in order to empower your body to heal itself and achieve your life goals. This gentle natural therapy uses the muscles of the body and their response as feedback to monitor the different stress patterns, blockages and imbalances within the body’s many systems. These stress patterns, blockages or imbalances can manifest into physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional problems, resulting in disease or illness.  

The use of gentle muscle response testing to work out what is going on in someone’s body or mind help reveal any imbalances (ie: past or present stress, trauma or belief systems) that may be blocking the body’s ability to heal … It’s like ‘googling’ your body’s hard drive to access your own innate healing ability to locate imbalances, then applying the appropriate corrections to restore the energy flow which allows the body to heal itself. A combination of holistic techniques are then employed to stimulate the body’s innate ability so that your body can re-establish balance and harmony, achieving optimal emotional, mental and physical health.

The BEST way to find out more about Kinesiology is to come along to one of our FREE Information Evenings. Here we explain kinesiology in simple terms and you have the opportunity to watch a live demonstration and ask questions throughout. Check out our Events page for this months’ Kinesiology Information Evening.

What Can I Expect From A Kinesiology Balance?

Kinesiology sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed lying on a massage table and all healing techniques are natural (drug-free).  A case history will be taken in the initial consultation to establish the priority issue/concerns.  Then gentle muscle monitoring techniques will be used to determine the underlying causes and treatments needed to balance the body on all levels.  Each session is uniquely tailored to you.  Your kinesiology practitioner works holistically, to align every aspect of your `self’ towards achieving your health and life goals.

How Can Kinesiology Help Me?

Kinesiology is a very relaxing and gentle treatment used to treat a wide range of problems associated with imbalance, tension and stress within the neurological and structural systems of the body. Safe to use on newborns, pregnant women and the elderly, Kinesiology is great choice to maintain health and treat complicated problems for you and your family.

  • Physical pain & discomfort

  • Anxiety, Depression & Fatigue

  • Sleep difficulties (Insomnia)

  • Allergies/Intolerances/Food Sensitivities

  • Digestive & Immune conditions

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Support

  • Confidence & Self Awareness

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal Development & Improving Well Being


Initial 90 min Kinesiology Consultation                                   $157

Consequent 60 min Kinesiology Consultation                         $127


We hold regular Kinesiology Demonstration & Information Nights and Group Balances, please do check our Promotions & Events page for upcoming events!!

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