Caring for MyselfSkin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies provide compassionate, attentive care and support to our clients to facilitate healing. We operate to the highest ethical standard and encourage self empowerment using realistic and effective health and wellness solutions in Kinesiology, Remedial, Therapeutic, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage & Rehabilitation Massage Therapy; Body Stress Release; Cranial Sacral Therapy & Australian Bush Flower Essences.

We use a holistic approach and to specialise in Skin, Health, Beauty & Wellness and the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, injury management, body maintenance, internal medicine, plus stress management, anxiety and phobias.

We do our utmost to keep costs down for our clients, but are also keenly aware as qualified, experienced practitioners our time, knowledge & extensive experience is valued– not to mention, the many thousands of dollars personally invested over the past many years in our own self-development to arrive at this place where we can confidently help others. So please be assured that our charge is lower than the value, knowledge, commitment, experience and guidance you will receive in return.

Although we are here to advise & guide you, you must understand some key healing principles, as we can only help those that wish to help themselves!…

  • Healing Principle # 1: No two people are the same;
  • Healing Principle # 2: There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’;
  • Healing Principle # 3: Healing takes time and your entire commitment;

If you are ready to dive in and make real changes in your life, then we know we can help!

Discover how our Remedial Massage Techniques, Kinesiology, AromaTouch Bliss Massage & Ear Candling can help re-establish balance and harmony to your life and help achieve optimal emotional, mental & physical health … phone Skin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies on 5495 7511 to schedule your consultation today.