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Beauty Is How You Feel About Yourself; It Is Confidence, Charisma and Character. Beauty Is The Light In Your Heart; It Comes From Being True To Yourself. Nothing & No One Can Take That Away From You! Beauty Is Being The Very Best Version Of Yourself. Skin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies Can Help Enhance & Maintain Your Beauty, Inside & Out.

Health is Beauty … Health & Beauty Starts With Skin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies

We, at Skin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies, are real people helping real people achieve real and attainable results! Skin Focus & Caboolture Natural Therapies’ team consist of Experienced, Qualified and Professional Skin Specialists, Beauty & Waxing Therapists, Remedial Massage Therapists & Kinesiologists who are dedicated to providing an integrated holistic approach to skin, health and beauty by offering a first class and unique experience to each of our valued clients.

Meet Your Professional Skin Consultants…

It’s no secret … We LOVE Skin!! AND … as your skin is the largest living organ of the body … You should too!! Your skin is as individual as you are and needs personal attention from a professional to maintain optimum health – and that professional is a Skin Focus Skin Consultant! At Skin Focus, Caboolture, our Skin Consultants are Diploma qualified and highly educated skin experts trained to diagnose problems, prescribe skin care solutions, deliver professional advice and perform results driven skin treatments.

Beautiful Skin starts with Healthy Skin, & Healthy Skin starts with Skin Focus!!

We have the answers to your most pressing skin care concerns and we know how to deliver real and visible results. We are the best in the business, and have a real passion and dedication to becoming your life partner in your journey to healthy, beautiful skin. We are the first and only Skin Clinic, in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, to offer the exclusive, 100% safe, 100% painless & 100% natural Non Surgical Collagen Infusion Facelift! Using innovative equipment and medical grade ingredients, our Collagen Infusion Facelift is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment delivering stunning and immediate anti-ageing results, by visibly reducing lines and wrinkles.

Meet Your Qualified & Hygienic Beauty Therapists…

There is so much more to Beauty Therapy than perfectly applying nail polish, pedi pampering, sexy smooth waxing, luscious lashes or a little brow power … Yes! We will offer you an exceptional treatment experience every time you visit Skin Focus! Yes! We must be on time, efficient, thorough, hygienic, qualified, discreet, knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, trustworthy and friendly! At Skin Focus, we are also dedicated to providing professional salon treatments while helping you discover the balance of skin, health and true beauty … it all begins with you!!

Meet Your Remedial Massage Therapists…

Remedial, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports Injury, Reflexology, Rehabilitation, Lymphatic, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Pregnancy Massage, Body Stress Release …whatever your body desires! Massage creates an overall feeling of health, eases stress, muscular pain, structural problems while stimulating the immune system and encouraging energy, blood & lymph to flow through the body. Our Health Fund Approved Massage Therapists, with their delving digits, have over 20 years of combined experience and have been trained as far afield as the UK and the USA. With their rich massage education and unparalleled understanding of the body & its functions, you can be assured that you are in very secure AND healing hands!

Meet Your Kinesiologists …

What exactly is Kinesiology? The explanation is sometimes a little difficult, yet the results can be quite profound!

 A form of complementary medicine, Kinesiology works on connecting the mind, body & spirit using gentle muscle response testing to work out what is going on in someone’s body or mind. The way your muscles respond to different tests help reveal any imbalances (ie: past or present stress, trauma or belief systems) that may be blocking the body’s ability to heal. A combination of holistic techniques are then employed to aid the body to heal itself, therefore, achieving optimal emotional, mental and physical health. Discover how Kinesiology can help make you happier and healthier! Are you ready to ‘unjunk’ your body?

All treatments are delivered in a calm, beautifully appointed clinic, so you can enjoy a holistic, genuinely relaxing and rejuvenating experience – Unleash Your Goddess Within

17 Morayfield Road, Caboolture – Ph: (07) 5495-7511

What our Customers are saying

“Warm, inviting & professional!”

I had never been to a Beauty Clinic in all my life and the thought of starting so late in life made me very nervous. What would happen? What are they going to do? What would they think? How would I be treated? These were some of the questions that flew around my heart. With no prior experience and nerves a mile high, I finally took the plunge and made my way to Skin Focus, Caboolture. The clinic was warm, inviting and professional with staff who were as equally warm, professional and inviting and my nerves were quickly abated. After introductions to my beauty therapist and to the owner I was lead away to my first ever beauty consultation. I left that experience on such a high, feeling not just ‘treated’ but nurtured both inside and out and wondered why had I never taken the time to do this for myself a long time ago. I felt revitalised and wonderful that went beyond just the skin and physical aspects. It was soul enriching as well as educational and therapeutic. I need to make another appointment pronto!