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Beauty Is How You Feel About Yourself; It Is Confidence, Charisma and Character. Beauty Is The Light In Your Heart; It Comes From Being True To Yourself. Nothing & No One Can Take That Away From You! Beauty Is Being The Very Best Version Of Yourself, Inside & Out … Achieve Your Greatness with Skin Focus, Caboolture

Skin health & your beauty needn’t be confusing or frustrating … nor should it ever be compromised, under valued or taken for granted.

Let our Skin Experts coach and inspire you to a new level of understanding your skin, how it works and how you can achieve ultimate skin health.

You may have given up on ever feeling confident and looking great everyday (especially without makeup or Botox and fillers!), but we haven’t!

Learn to LOVE the skin you’re in – its easy when you know how and we’d love to show you!


Is a Skin Condition holding you back? Not anymore … 

Whether you suffer from Acne, Breakouts, Rosacea, Scarring, Broken Capillaries, Pigmentation, Sun Damage, Premature Ageing, Uneven Skin Tone/Texture, Sensitized, Dry &/or Dehydrated Skin … We have the experience and knowledge to help you get #SkinFit, regain your confidence, vitality and zest for life!


Boost the way you Think, Feel & Treat Your Skin & Your Beauty!

No miracle cures, no quick fixes, no over the top promises … just jawdropping, mindblowing passion, honesty and caring without the BS & Ego!


Skin Focus, as a thriving local business, has been operating since the last century … 1995, in fact!

Our Skin & Beauty Experts have over 20 years combined experience, not to mention a lifetime of passion, in skin, beauty, wellness , nutrition, client happiness and empowerment.

We have created Skin Focus so that you can tap into our pool of knowledge … and dramatically enhance your quality of life and your self confidence, through a holistic, commonsense approach to skin health. 

Because the reality of living with a skin condition can be emotionally, physically and psychologically debilitating, we understand the importance of delivering real, long term, healthful solutions.

As far as we are aware, there are very few therapists in the skin and/or beauty industry across Australia whiling to show the huge percentage of our population who suffer from skin conditions how to actually ‘fix’ their skin.

Embarrassment, shame, lack of confidence, low self esteem, self disgust, guilt, isolation, bullying, ridicule … these are just some of the hardships victims suffering from skin conditions must face on a daily basis.


‘We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’ – Ronald Reagan

We’d love to help everyone, BUT, some people aren’t ready to hear what we tell them; some skin conditions exceed our scope of expertise; some people want a quick fix without commitment; and some people have unrealistic expectations! If you are unsure what you want/need, have questions or concerns, we’d love to talk to you & see if we can help … give us a call to schedule your ‘FREE #SKINFIT Phone Chat’ with one of our Skin Experts

If, however, you are truly ready to LOVE the Skin You’re In …


Meet Your ‘Beauty & Wax’perts …

There is so much more to Beauty Therapy than perfectly applying nail polish, pedi pampering, sexy smooth waxing, luscious lashes or a little brow power … Yes! We will offer you an exceptional treatment experience every time you visit Skin Focus! Yes! We must be on time, efficient, thorough, hygienic, qualified, discreet, knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, trustworthy and friendly! At Skin Focus, we are also dedicated to providing professional salon treatments while helping you discover the balance of skin, health and true beauty … it all begins with you!!

Meet Your Remedial Massage Therapists…

Remedial, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports Injury, Reflexology, Rehabilitation, Lymphatic, Relaxation, Aromatherapy Massage …whatever your body desires! Massage creates an overall feeling of health, eases stress, muscular pain, structural problems while stimulating the immune system and encouraging energy, blood & lymph to flow through the body. Our Health Fund Approved Massage Therapist, with delving digits, have over 20 years of experience and have been trained as far afield as the UK and USA. With their rich massage education and unparalleled understanding of the body & its functions, you can be assured that you are in very secure AND healing hands!

What our Customers are saying17 Morayfield Road, Caboolture – Ph: (07) 5495-7511

“I knew straight away this was the one!”

I’ve been to a few beauty spa’s, I used to think nothing special of them, just another client they treat. One day I walk into Skin Focus, and the service I received and the happiness I saw – and I was just somebody walking in off the street, not even a client, I knew straight way this was the one! I’ve been going to Skin Focus now for awhile and have referred my friends as well who now go there regularly. The staff and the service are just as great as all the products I use.